Best Tips to Prepare for Breastfeeding


With the changing times, everything in the world around us has been witnessing change. And the same holds true even in the case of pregnancy and breastfeeding. Some decades ago, pregnant women used to prepare themselves for breastfeeding by their chests with a rough towel to ‘toughen their nips’ and start breastfeeding without facing soreness.

Best Tips to Prepare for Breastfeeding

Today, more significance is laid on seeking good breastfeeding information even before you have given birth to the child. This gives much ease and comfort to handle the new born. At the same time, you are clear about what is normal to deal with and what needs attention and should make you seek external help from either the experienced or the expert.

Here are some of the best tips which will prepare you for your first breastfeeding experience.

Sharing. When you talk to experienced women who are either breastfeeding or have done that in the past, you get familiar with how they have dealt with.

Doctors Advice

Awareness. Reading books, gathering information on the subject makes you comfortable about the subject and with clarity, your mind and body gets at ease with the art of breastfeeding.

Know Your Body Well. Some women might have medical factors or challenges with breastfeeding, and hence it is good to discuss them with your doc well in advance. These factors include Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), some past history of having undergone breast surgery, hormonal imbalances, complication in getting or staying pregnant, puberty issues related to breast growth and development.

Although these issues don’t imply that such women cannot breastfeed their baby, but prior discussion helps in preparing to develop a plan.

Baby’s Calendar. Schedule your time for baby in the calendar. This time is not some hours of the day, but the initial few weeks of your motherhood. As a mother, you should try to keep yourself booked for the first two weeks only for breastfeeding the child.

Teaching Baby

Teaching the Baby. The newborn also needs to learn the art of taking the feed from you. This way, the baby starts latching on to your breasts the right way and you start becoming comfortable with the feeding process without getting soreness on your nipples.

Prepare your wardrobe. Stock your wardrobe with necessary stuff like supportive nursing bras, nursing pads, purified lanolin for application on sore nipples, comfortable dresses which make breastfeeding easy for you.

Snooze Often

Snooze Often. Endorphins overrule the body for about a week and hence, as much as the baby sleeps, you too should. This helps in recovering from childbirth and the whole focus is only breastfeeding the baby.

Early Breastfeeding. If you get a normal delivery, then you can breastfeed your baby immediately after birth or at least two hours after birth. It is best share your plan about breastfeeding with the medical professional around you.

However, in case of a C-section, you cannot start to breastfeed the baby immediately after birth. In such a case, go as per doctor’s counsel but once you start breastfeeding, follow the normal breastfeeding routine.