C-Sections Are Best With a Little Labor, a Study Says!

C-section delivery operation

A new research says that c section process is completely safe and reduce the different risk factor, which has enhance the ratio of child birth in last decades.

C-section surgery

In old days, there was the different perspective for s- section deliveries. Only a few recommend the C-section due to the post deliveries risk factors.  It was considered one of the major surgeries.  On the other hand, nowadays C section has become normal with progress in the field of surgery. Even though vaginal birth should be the first preference if a mother doesn’t have any complication or there are no issues with your labor.  In addition, overall a C-section is perfectly safe too for mothers and baby.

C-sections are safe

C-section delivery

Regardless of C-section being a major surgery, this is a very well controlled procedure.  An Anaesthesiologist will make sure that you are relaxed and stable during the whole procedure. And your gynaecologist with required specialists will do the surgery.  This procedure could save you from any type of complication in pregnancy. A new mother and new-born baby will safe completely. Now a day’s surgery procedure has improved and counter minimum risk factor.  Medical science has enriched with latest technology and software that support the procedure.  Even though C-section cut will heal fast with the skin glue or dissolving stitching.  And now a day, doctors recommend starting standing after 24 hours of the procedure. Your doctor will tell you about the benefits of stay active, it will prevent the blood clot problems or any numbness issues.

No need for the vaginal recovery

C section procedure-Vaginal recovery

There is no need of vaginal recovery after C section procedure.  It seems to undergo surgery have a lot of advantages with little labor.  There will be comparatively less bleeding in the first few days after Caesarean Birth. This delivery process may save you the worry about destroying the area between the back passage, perineum and the vagina in most of the cases. Nevertheless, labor pains exist during Caesarean Birth too and they are as intense as vaginal birth labor pains window.  But anyhow There will be fewer problems mentally and let you enjoy the day of childbirth. A new mother does not need to do vaginal recovery exercises to get in natural shape which will get damaged in the natural process.

Bonding with your baby is getting easier with C-section births

C-section  child birth

Many hospitals offer family cantered known as “gentle C-section”.   It means hospitals will let the mom do skin to skin with the baby immediately after birth. And this could be the best thing for baby and mother both as long as no complications arise.  It will help the new mother to start nursing as soon as possible. It will enhance the bonding of baby and mother easily after delivery. Anaesthesiologist will make easy your Caesarean period and do whatever possible to make calm and relaxed during Caesarean-section delivery.

Infections Are Not Transmitted

Caesarean delivery - less infection

In Caesarean, there is very less probability of transmitting the infection.  If Mother is infected with any kind of diseases or viral, then C-section declines the risk of the infection passing over from the mother to the baby. And if during pregnancy mother has diseases like HIV, then there is more possibility to secure the baby with Caesarean delivery. If a mother has such issues, it is recommended to discuss to doctor at prior and stay updated.

Less discomfort

caesarean operation-Less discomfort

The caesarean operation also lowers the risk of birth injuries such as asphyxia (oxygen deprivation) and other problems like shoulder dystocia, fractures and, Seligman in some cases. In addition, caesarean section operations actually prevent pelvic floor disorders. And that problems are still somewhat controversial. According to the study, if women have had surgery for incontinence prior to pregnancy, it is recommended to go for C-section in order to avoid re-injury. The caesarean operation also reduces the risk of injury to the vagina, which will help the mother to improve the bonding with the partner after pregnancy.  The risk of pain during sex and bowel problems is no higher than for a vaginal birth process.

C section does not lead to damage to the pelvic floor, which is happening in the natural birth process.  C-section will prevent all such kind of issues and traumatic experiences of the new mother during the vaginal birth process.

 Experts warn that it doesn’t mean you should go for Caesarean unless it’s required.  But don’t get panic with the name of Caesarean.  It is easy, fast and safe too.

5 Things All C-Section Mamas Need to Hear

C-Section delivery

C-Section Delivery
All C-section Mamas experience the same anxiety along with excitement for a new-born.  It is always amazing for a new mother to hold her new-born in her arms and nurse her. Obviously, the C Section surgery is quite different from the natural birth process, but nowadays C-Section processed has changed and improved. And with little effort, you could take good care of yourself. A new Mother could experience the pain, soreness, and even flow of blood. And anyhow? After all, it was a major abdominal surgery and your body needs time to improve.  So This is necessary to keep update yourself and aware all basic facts to promote your body healing fast.

Here are 5 Things all C-section mamas need to hear which will prevent all panic situations of the future. 

Use binder after C-section

A new Mom should use the stomach binder which is a wide compression belt that encircles your abdomen tightly. Abdominal binders come in many sizes and widths according to your need.  These binders are very comfortable and easy to use with Velcro or hook and loop endings. This postpartum abdominal support will hold your surgical drainage tubes in place and help you to get recover fast.

And It is recommended to use properly within the guidelines given by your doctor.   After childbirth, a new mom could wear Binder for at least 2 weeks or up to the few months only.  Always consult the doctor before extending the time of using or if you are facing any kind of problem while using.

Physical Activity

Physical activity is the one of the biggest change in your daily routine after having a baby. During the first month, you need to do very light walk only until you have healed properly.  This is the time when your body will heal quickly under the guidelines given by doctors.  Take your time and make your bond strong with the baby.  A new mom needs to take proper rest and let her body heal.   In addition, walk every day with breaks, it is recommended to do not take the pressure of weight gain.  Walking every day will help prevent constipation and prevent blood clots which will slowly melt down the fat. And also limit your physical activity, don’t think you could do the same task with same energy abruptly.

Diet and Physical activity

Good Diet

A new C-section mom needs to take care of your body after surgery with different dimensions. And right nutrition has the major role in recovering time of body. After discharge from the hospital, Doctor will give you a diet chart to follow which will complete your daily need for nutrition. A good combination of nutrition will speed up the recovery after surgery.  It is recommended to drink enough water and fluids, that will prevent constipation in the body. Eat a well-balanced, healthy-diet which is easy to digest also.  Do not take any heavy or oily food which could lead you gas acidity and other stomach problem. Customized your diet proper salad and food with good dressing to motivate yourself for a healthy lifestyle.

Ask your doctor before changing the diet or before start trying to lose the pregnancy weight.  Follow the instruction given by the dietitian.

Start Nursing your Baby

Start Nursing your baby from the first day and enjoy the time with the baby. There are numerous health benefits of the nursing baby for both, baby and mother.  Consult out to a lactation consultant if you have trouble breastfeeding. Educate yourself about the numerous health benefits of breastfeeding.  It will let your bond strong with the baby and improve the immune system of your baby. Experts and said that “The frequencies of pneumonia, colds, and infections have reduced in babies who are on breastfeeding rather than formula and other kinds of milk for babies”. Breastfeeding also encourages the lose the pregnancy fat or weight rather than the giving extra effort in weight losing session.

nursing your baby

 Promote Scare Healing

Scares will heal and fade away with time.  But A new mom could reduce the time of healing by following a few simple guidelines.  Keep your scars dry and clean.  In addition, go for wipes in starting three or four days. Do not scrub your scar while bathing, just simply let soap wash over it and use medicated soap or use simple water only. A new mom could choose the simple shower for a few days to avoid any chemical introduce in the incision. Perfectly dry and have a maxi pad over the wound for at least a few days to absorb sweat. Grip a pillow over your incision when you need to cough or laugh. And other instruction is given by your doctor for a speedy recovery. And use Aloe Vera gel after healed to fade away the scars.

Cesarean Section – What You Need To Know

C-section Delivery

It is human for every couple to face the dilemma of this big question – “Whether they should go with the traditional method of child birth or with the modern Cesarean or C-section birth?” Let’s know all about C-section.


Why C-section?

Every woman wishes to have the vaginal delivery. It is best that the expectant parents should meet their gynecologist and take their counsel on the birthing plan. This will give them clarity on the risks and benefits associated with delivery method.

There can be planned C-section cases where vaginal birth is visibly too risky. Some such conditions are:

  • Planned C-section happens when the woman is expecting twins or multiples.
  • It can also be in case of some medical condition such as diabetes or high blood pressure.
  • Another situation where C-sec becomes necessary is when the woman develops some infection which could pass to the baby during vaginal birth. HIV or genital herpes are some examples.
  • If the woman experiences problem with the placenta, the doctor needs to opt for C-sec delivery.

What is C-section?

A caesarean section (C-section) is a major abdominal surgery to lift the baby out through the incision made above your bikini line.

It can be a planned (elective) C-section where you already know that the mode of delivery would be through C-sec. An emergency C-section is when your gynecologist and the team decides in that moment that C-section is going to be safer way of delivering the baby.

Benefits of C-section

  • Although vaginal birth is a natural process, a C-section is more convenient and predictable.
  • It is possible to pre-plan your delivery.
  • It helps in mentally preparing yourself for the abdominal surgery.
  • The stress and anxiety is lower.
  • There is lesser risk associated with pain during sex.

Benefits of C-Section

Risks associated with C-section

  • The pain lasts longer and the recovery time is much longer. It also requires a longer hospitalization, usually of 3-4 days, and may extend further in case of complication.
  • The number of hospital visits increase in this process.
  • There is a high probability of developing infection in the wound or the lining of the womb.
  • In some cases where there are problems with placenta or bleeding during pregnancy, it may likely lead to excessive bleeding. This may also require blood transfusion or may force doctor to remove the womb.
  • There is a threat of developing further complications because of the use of anesthesia.
  • Skin to skin touch immediately after the birth plays a significant role in building the emotional bond between the mother and the baby. However, after a C-section, the woman takes time to come out of anesthesia before she can feel the baby. This may be delayed further depending on her pain.
  • Breastfeeding needs to be delayed till the effect of anesthesia in the blood stream disappears.
  • Once you have a C-section delivery, the chances of giving birth through normal delivery become feeble.
  • The mortality rate for the mother is higher in cesarean delivery.
  • There might be complications in getting pregnant too. The problems in future pregnancies can be stillbirth, miscarriage or low-lying placenta.
  • A C-section may sometimes lead to heart attack.
  • The baby might need to be admitted to the neonatal unit for stabilizing.
  • There are chances of baby facing breathing problems. This can be because the amniotic fluid is not expelled naturally from the baby’s lungs.
  • The child may face weaker immune system. It may be so because during the vaginal birth process, the baby ingests some protective bacteria which help in boosting the immune system.

If you are expecting a C-section Delivery or scared about it, just focus on positivity and take care of your good health, proper eating and sufficient exercise. Be eager for a beautiful tomorrow with a new life in your hands.

Recovery after a C Section: Answers to the Most Common Questions

C-section delivery

Pregnancy is the wonderful opportunity to nurture and give birth to a new life. The process of childbirth may sometimes involve a C-section delivery. The recovery in case of vaginal birth is much faster than the C-sec cases. The impact of this is largely on the woman’s physically health as well as this makes it a little harder to take care of the newborn.

C-section delivery

Since there are lots of precautions which need to be taken and many repercussions of the conditions, hence it is very much fair to have your mind overloaded with questions during pregnancy and even after having a C-section. To bring you ease, here are some of the most common questions which one may ask about C-section recovery.

Question: How soon will I recover?

Answer: A minimum rest for the first six weeks is required for healing of the body. The chances are that your gynecologist would have given you appointment for first and second meeting at the time of discharge. When you meet your doctor at around 6 weeks’ time, the doctor will monitor your recovery and accordingly suggest. You may feel the urgency to get back to your normal routine with added responsibilities of a new life, but it is equally important to take care of yourself to ensure complete recovery before taking charge of your daily routine.

Question: When should I start walking?

Answer: Walking and movement is very crucial after surgery. Even if you feel very weak to walk, but still, the sooner you start with your walk, the better it is. The initial walk may be of just a few steps and gradually you can keep on increasing your distance. This will help in blood circulation to your legs and reduce the chances of developing any blood clots (Deep Vein Thrombosis or DVT). The first walk should be taken with support and it should be done while looking straight or focusing on some object.

Walking and movement

Be careful with the stitches and you may even support your incision with a pillow. Don’t overdo walking and in case it so happens, you increased blood flow which usually is bright red in color indicates that you need to reduce the amount of walking. Even if you fear the pain or as if the whole incision will tear apart, it is important part of the C-section recovery process.

Question: What is the diet supported for a smooth recovery from C-section before getting on to burgers and pizzas?

Answer: Food plays an important role in the recovery from C-section delivery. Once you have started with movement, you should start taking clear liquids and gradually migrate to eating solid foods. When on liquid diet, make sure to drink plenty of water to ensure your body is sufficiently hydrated. This even helps in holding back some amount of hunger pains.


After the initial 8 hours post operation, when there is no visible risk of heavy bleeding, the food is typically started. Start eating small amounts at a time and make sure to have good amount of fiber-rich diet which help you keep up with your mission of getting back to shape as well. In case of gastric trouble or constipation, ask your doc if they could prescribe some laxatives.

Question: When should I start breastfeeding?

Answer: Breastfeeding is a unique experience for every mother. In case of C-section, your breastfeeding would depend on the kind of anesthesia you were given. If you are given epidural or spinal block in which you are awake but free from pain, you should be able to breastfeed the new born as soon as you feel comfortable to do so. Some gynecologists even put the baby on mom’s chest to bring skin to skin contact even after a C-section birth.

Question: When will I be able to start with lifting weight after my C-section surgery?

Answer: Your C-section surgery largely involved your abdominal muscles. Hence it is utmost crucial for you to recover completely before even thinking of lifting any weight, anything which weighs more than your baby. In general, doctors recommend avoiding any sort of lifting of weight for the first 3 to 6 weeks. Further, it also depends on your physical health and body weight. As you come into routine, you yourself will be able to understand your body and how much weight you can lift. Overweight women have to be overly cautious as they have higher chances of developing hernia.

The plethora of questions may still continue to flow. And despite our effort to answer some of the important questions which may make you little comfortable, it is very important to always consult your gynecologist with your concerns to be safe in all conditions.