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Pregnancy is a very crucial period of life, not just for the pregnant woman but for the entire family. Yet, the utmost focus is given on the do’s and don’ts of the pregnant woman, especially the diet. One of the common myths related to diet is that pregnant moms must eat for two.  Fact is that extra 350 kcals are needed only by second trimester.

The Objective of Diet Plan:

The diet should be nutritionally balanced, with lots of liquid intake, should include all the food groups, meals should be spread over shorter intervals, and the food plate should be colorful. Lastly, the food should be chewed properly and whilst maintaining a positive and happy mood.

diet plan during pregnancy

The Food Groups to Include in Diet Plan:

  1. Milk and other Dairy products: This includes milk, buttermilk, yogurt, cheese, cottage cheese (paneer). These foods are rich in protein, calcium and Vitamin B12.
  2. Pulses, Nuts and Whole Grains: Especially for vegetarians, these are rich sources of protein and hence should be included in your daily diet. Ensure that you have some amount of dry fruits in your daily diet plan.
  3. Fresh fruits and vegetables: These are rich sources of fiber, vitamins and minerals. One should have almost five servings every day. Try to make your food plate colorful by including variety of items. Salads are rich source of fiber and add to roughage in diet which helps in keeping bowels clear.
  4. Fats: Fats are the source of energy needed to support the baby in the womb and prepare the body for delivery. Small amount of saturated fats like ghee and butter and sufficient amount of vegetable oil which provides unsaturated fats should be consumed.
  5. Liquids: Water should be clean and filtered. Infused water with fresh fruits is also a source energy which can be sipped slowly. Packaged juices should be avoided as they are rich in added sugar. Buttermilk, milk etc. are also included in liquid intake.
  6. Fish, Meat and Poultry: If you have these in your regular diet, continue them in every day routine as they provide concentrated proteins for your body.

Proposed Diet Plan:

The diet intake should be interestingly spread across the whole day including variety of delicious food ideas. A common diet plan includes:

  • Pre-Breakfast Snack like a glass of cow’s milk or apple juice or dry fruits
  • Breakfast like bowl of fruits or a bowl of wheat upma or poha with lots of vegetables or parathas or omelet with vegetables
  • Mid-morning snack like soup, or dairy product
  • Proper Lunch roti or paratha, rice, dal, vegetable and salad
  • Evening Snack like idli, sevaiya, vegetable cutlet, green tea
  • Dinner like khichdi, pulao, curd, paratha etc.

A note of caution:

A doctor’s advice on a diet plan is essential as that would be offered to you as a personalized recommendation. Yet no one chart can fulfill each one’s individual requirements. Hence, in case of any discomfort, make sure to avoid that food for a while and consult your doctor on the same.


  1. I am expecting a baby girl and I want her to be healthy, so thanks for the tips.

    Can you please share the safe ways and eatables for having a fair child.

    1. Hello Elena,

      Congratulations for the coming bundle of joy. It is important to have a healthy child, which will largely depend upon the healthy lifestyle, good eating habits and a positive attitude towards life. The fairness of the child depends upon the genes. Once cannot influence genetics by eternal factors. So take care and enjoy your pregnancy.

      Dr Ritika Kaur
      Consultant Obs & Gyne
      Santokh Hospital, Chandigarh

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