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Stress is becoming the way of life. It is easier to say that one needs to take care of health in today’s stressful and polluted environment. Yet, it is quite challenging to actually be able to cope up with the current scenario and be able to manage health successfully.


What to do in such a situation? Is it right to give up on health while struggling amidst daily challenges? Let’s explore some effective tips which will leave you with few ways which help you reduce stress and restore health.

Effects of Stress on Our Body:

Excessive Fat. With stress, there comes immense craving for food and hence excess weight or obesity.

Excessive Fat

Lowered Immunity. As much stress lingers on in your life, it gradually weakens the defense mechanism of the body and the body becomes more vulnerable to infections.

Increased Blood Sugar. Stress impacts the hormones thereby releasing extra sugar (blood glucose) into the blood stream, which may result in Type 2 Diabetes over time.

High Blood Pressure. Stress hormones affect blood vessels by tightening them and raising blood pressure.

High Blood Pressure and Heart Attack

Risk of Heart Attack. Rapid breathing can be one effect of stress. This may trigger the cause for increased heart rate coupled with high blood pressure. This further damages the arteries increasing the risk for heart attack.

The problems keep expanding and gradually affecting the whole body including problems such as infertility, stomach ache, insomnia, stressed muscles, disturbed menstrual cycle etc.

Tips to Overcome Stress:

Identifying and Accepting Stress. When you keep a check on your thoughts and moods, you’ll be able to identify how stress is affecting your healthy some typical traits or characteristics which are stress triggers. Once you are able to identify your stresses, you can work towards developing an action plan to address those stress factors and be at ease.

Opt for a Walk or a Glass of Water. They say that reaction to stress can be dangerous. Try to walk away from the place and have some fresh air energizing your whole body. If this is not a possibility, try to hold back your reaction by counting up to 10. Regroup and reconsider your thoughts after the steam is evaporated to some extent.

Doctors Help

Seek Help. The eternal truth is that we tend to find solutions very easily for others but we get stuck when it is about ourselves. It is good to share with people whom you trust and those who can understand your situation and their advice can make you see an altogether different perspective of that situation. If this doesn’t work and stress persists, it may be ideal to consult a psychologist to seek assistance in dealing with your stress.

Undoubtedly, we are well aware that stress cannot be way of life and leaving it unattended will have alarming health impact giving way to diseases like high blood pressure, heart ailments, obesity, and diabetes and so on. So, let’s use some of the above tips to extract their essence into our busy, stressed out lives.

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