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Human body is made of skeleton which comprises of 206 bones. These bones are connected at several places with the help of joints or articulations. At the point of joint, the bones are protected from grinding against each other with the help of cartilage. Knee joint is the largest joint of the human body and has a key role in so many important functions of our daily routine. The knee joint can start giving pain while movement for various reasons. These reasons include acute knee injuries like fractures or dislocations, medical conditions like rheumatoid arthritis or gout, or chronic use like inflammation and osteoarthritis.

The Recovery Time:

Total Knee Replacement (TKR) is a successful remedy which relieves you from the serious pain which causes disability in movement. Usually people believe that the success of the surgery depends on the physician’s skill and the procedure that has been adopted. But the fact is that there is a recovery time of three to twelve months to get back to normal routine. To a large extent, the recovery depends on patients’ overall health in general and willingness in following the recommendations on diet, rest and physical therapy.

knee replacement surgery

What to expect during the Recovery Time?

  • The clarity on the step by step progress towards complete recovery helps the patient get inclined for the post-operative care. Some facts about the gradual recovery after TKR are:
  • If you are motivated and eager to walk without excuses, you will realize that majority of patients stand and begin basic movement in a day’s time. Yet it is to be done as per doctor’s advice.
  • The initial walk may be initiated much before the discharge from hospital. However, many physicians recommend walk with the support of crutches or walking frame for proper balancing and supporting the pressure that may otherwise come directly on the knee.
  • These crutches or frame can be gradually shifted to a cane for extra support depending on your body weight and health. Most people resume their normal activities in approximately six weeks’ time.
  • Yet, the pain and swelling typically settles down in three months’ time. In case of any inflammation, this tenure may get extended even up to a year. One can apply ice regularly as per doctor’s advice for speedy recovery.
  • Till the time you feel the pain and are on medication for pain, you have to refrain from excessive strain on the knee including driving.
  • If there are any blood accumulations in the bruised area around the operated knee, there is nothing to worry as it will vanish over time.
  • Physiotherapy is an amazing healer so take the best lessons while in hospital and make sure you give them utmost importance as much as you value your medication and doctor’s consultation.

Lastly, today’s knee replacement surgery lasts longer than twenty years with a 98% success even after ten years. Just take the caution and care for almost twelve weeks and you’ll be ready to take up the load of the body weight again over your knees.


  1. I have all of my tests at the Hospital and I am ready to go in for my right knee replacement, the blog by Dr Hardeep Singh Santockh is very informative and gives me confidence.
    Jim McDermott

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