Gynaecology And Obstetrics

Women health and care is one of the primary concerns at Santokh Hospital, and we have dedicated a whole department of Gynaecology and Obstetrics to ensure our patients get all due care at all stages.

Becoming a mother can be a highly stressful, and at the same time, an enjoyable experience. Our experts at Santokh Hospital make it even more special with their care at all stages. Since obstetrics does not limit itself only to the patients, but also to the child, Santokh Hospital has facilities for both mother and child care at all stages.

Apart from childbirth, and its related procedures, our specialists can handle all surgeries, procedures and any complications related to obstetrics.

Our Gynaecology and Obstetrics facility is a pride of Santokh Hospital, and we begin with care from early stages.

Gynaecological Specialists for Infertility Treatments

Infertility treatments are an ongoing challenge in the field of medicine. More and more couples are facing the challenges of stressful lifestyle and complications related to living in big cities. Obesity and ill health may also be the cause of infertility in couples.
Our expert gynaecologists have hands-on experience in treating various disorders related to Uterus and other reproductive organs to facilitate pregnancy. Any problem related to stress, obesity or other symptoms are taken care of, to ensure success in the infertility treatments. Many difficult and complicated cases have been handled by our experts to bring back happiness into the lives of childless couples.

Pre-pregnancy care

Childbirth is a major event in every woman’s life, and requires due attention and care at all levels. Santokh Hospital specializes in pre-pregnancy consultations, advice, diet, and health checkups for pregnant women. Our state-of-art equipments, such as scan and monitors for checking the baby’s growth help us in keeping track of the safety of the little one growing inside the womb. Preoperative procedures for all surgeries related to obstetrics are handled by our expert surgeons and experienced doctors. Our in-house dietician and nutritionists chalk out a well-balanced diet for dealing with the challenges of pregnancy.


Operation Theatre

A normal and painless delivery is what every woman aim for. However, since Caesarean or C-section is not unavoidable, both the consultants and patients need to be ready for every eventuality. Santokh Hospital is equipped with ultra-modern facilities for Caesarean deliveries.
The C-section surgeries are conducted in our well-equipped and ultra-modern operation theatres. Our skillful staff and surgeons are available 24×7 for any emergencies. Painless delivery is essential to make childbirth enjoyable, and our gynaecologist specialists at Santokh Hospital give their best to the patients to make their childbirth less stressful.

Postoperative Obstetrics and pregnancy care

We believe in giving the best post-operative care to patients after their delivery and after surgery related to obstetrics. With experienced staff, excellent, comfortable private rooms and economical wards to support the care. The patients can recuperate in peace and comfort. The health of both child and the mother is monitored constantly by our experts and specialists.


Mother and Child Care

Birth of a child is a very significant experience to the parents. The initial few days of stay at the hospital are a crucial time for the child and its family. Since after birth, both mother and child need equal care, Santokh Hospital has excellent paediatric care facilities and experts to look after the well-being of the little one. Our Paediatrician Doctors at Santokh Hospital take care of the child from time of birth till the time of discharge. This is the time when the well-being of the child, complications, if any, and health of the newborn is monitored by the specialist to ensure a safe transition from medical care to home care.
Our in-house paediatrician and child care specialists are there to advise the new parents on their role and ensure they learn the rudiments of childcare before they return home to enjoy the new born. With vaccinations and any other child care available on hand, it becomes easier for parents to consult our paediatrician experts even after their discharge from the hospital after delivery.

With our State of Art facilities and experienced staff and doctors/specialists, we are qualified to handle all cases related to obstetrics and gynaecology. Our multi-speciality facilities are available at Chandigarh, and our doctors are available 24×7 to deal with any emergencies.

For a consultation and any queries related to childbirth/paediatric services/obstetrics, call our patient advisors for Free consultation.