Patient-Centred Care Backed by Effective Diagnosis and Experienced Practice

Neurology deals with the diseases and conditions related to the nervous system. At the Santokh Hospital, we have nurtured an excellent team of the best neurologists in Chandigarh. Our doctors and nursing staff can cater to the nervous system issues related to the brain, spinal cord, peripheral nerves, muscles, and the neuro-muscular junction.

While carrying on our mission to provide patient-first care and assistance, your consultation with our neurologist in Chandigarh will be dealt with professionalism and a comprehensive diagnosis. 

We provide the latest treatment and new techniques prescribed and authenticated by world-class experts in the field. Ours is a preventative treatment focussed hospital where we ensure quality care to our patients. At Santokh Hospital, the team of the best neurologists in Chandigarh have dealt with complex neurological issues in the past, leading to successful treatment of the patients. 

Patient-Centred Care Backed by Effective Diagnosis and Experienced Practice




Insomnia (sleep disorder)

Paralytic disorders

Neuro Surgery

We have a dedicated team taking care of neurosurgeries, catering to some of the most complex treatments in this field. Our team of in-house and on-call neurosurgeons have treated;

Brain Tumour

Intracranial Aneurysms

Cranio Spinal Trauma

Brain Abscess

Arteriovenous Malformation


We have advanced equipment and tools added into the crucial infrastructure required for completing the surgeries successfully. All patients undergoing the surgeries are provided with the relevant pre and postoperative care. 

Some neurological conditions can be successfully treated if they are diagnosed on time. While we have access to advanced technologies to provide effective care, it is still preferable to take care of any disease before it’s too late. 

The Santokh Hospital will give you access to the best neurologist in Chandigarh, providing comprehensive management and treatment of neurological problems.