Delivering Effective Treatment for Cancer Supported with Preventive Care

Santokh Hospital provides access to cancer specialists in Chandigarh, delivering quality care to the patients at their comfort. We deliver expert consultations for all types of cancer, followed by accurate diagnosis and treatment.

Cancer is a complex disease as it can start anywhere in the body and manifest itself to become a life-threatening condition over time. Today we have advanced to a stage where cancer can be treated or patients with this disease can live a prolonged life, but that only comes if you get it treated time and you consult the best oncologist in Chandigarh.

At the Santokh Hospital, you will find the top oncologist in Chandigarh and a compassionate team to help you fight this disease by channelling your inner strength. Cancer, as a disease, affects physical and mental health, and that’s why at Santokh Hospital, we take care of the patient’s physical and emotional well-being.

We offer consolidated and holistic care for cancer built by the best cancer specialist or oncologist in Chandigarh. We also bring in experts for additional consultation and diagnosis purposes to ensure that our patients receive the best care possible.

The types of Cancer we treat at Santokh Hospital are;

Breast cancer

Head and Neck cancer

Lung cancer

Spine cancer

Cervical cancer


Blood cancer

Stomach and large intestine cancer

We provide specific and personalised treatment regimens to every patient. Cancer affects every patient differently. Hence, we take a deep dive into the patient’s history, health, and condition to create an effective personalised treatment plan. Ours is the best cancer hospital in Chandigarh because we also use advanced technologies for diagnosis, treatment, and therapies.