Anaesthesia is giving controlled medication to the patient before they go into a surgical or medical procedure. Anaesthesiologists are trained to identify the patient’s needs when it comes to giving anaesthesia and account for the stress and strain the patient will have to undergo during the surgery. 

At Santokh Hospital, we have on-call anesthesiology doctors and experts who have years of rigorous training and experience. Their understanding of the human body is crucial to provide the right amount of dosage. 

We have set our standards of patient care and medical services, which allows our anesthesiology doctors to maintain the highest standards of adequate care. To help the experts provide critical care, we have the advanced infrastructure, including the required machines and facilities, allowing the surgeons and doctors to access the required information during the surgery.

Our Anesthesiologists Services include:


Head and neck resections


IV Sedation


Monitored Anaesthesia Care (Local and Topical Care)


It has been our resolve in all the years of practice to make healthcare services smarter and accessible for everyone. Our anaesthesiologists have a commitment to providing efficient services combined with the best practices. They conduct pre-admission tests and provide enhanced recovery protocols to bring the patients back to a normal routine as quickly as possible. 

We have integrated specialist Anaesthesia systems into our infrastructure that are intuitive and provide critical information. The anaesthesia equipment is connected with the ventilation system relaying every bit of information about the patient to the surgeons, doctors, nurses, and anaesthesiologists.