Pregnancy Testing Centres in Chandigarh

Motherhood is the best gift for a woman. The ability to give life is rather amazing and one of the great wonders of this world. Come to Santokh Hospital at one of the best pregnancy testing centres in Chandigarh and give us the pleasure of being a part of your journey. We have next-gen equipment for pregnancy testing, ensuring authentic and accurate results. We want to share with you the overwhelming feeling of becoming a parent and help you lead a healthy and safe journey for the entire period of your pregnancy and after.

best pregnancy testing centres in Chandigarh


A pregnancy test is done to discover whether the woman is pregnant. During the test, we check for a particular hormone in the urine or blood called human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG). This hormone is produced in the pregnant woman’s placenta after a fertilised egg implants inside the uterus. 

The usual period of taking the pregnancy test is one week after missing the period. Yes, there are options to do the pregnancy test at home as well. But to be sure about everything and if you are, in fact, pregnant, a visit to the doctor will help you get to know the details and more about your health. 

Home pregnancy tests are also accurate, no doubt about it. But their results depend on how you use the apparatus. Using it in a different way than recommended can twist the results. In any case, it is better to visit the pregnancy test care clinic Near your in Chandigarh to get all the answers. 

It takes a few minutes for us to identify the results of the test. We can either take the urine test or the blood test. In essence, the urine and blood must show equal amounts of HCG levels. If the blood test tells a different report, it’s an ectopic pregnancy. This is a kind of pregnancy that grows out of the uterus. In this case, the pregnant woman needs immediate help as the developing baby cannot grow out of the uterus. Moreover, this condition is also not good for the expectant mother. 

How to Know that it’s Time to Take the Pregnancy Test?

Irregularities in the period do not often mean pregnancy. However, our first instinct is to take the pregnancy test after missing periods for more than a week. But before taking the test, you must also look for other indications associated with pregnancy. 

So, in addition to the missing periods, if you experience any of these symptoms, it is better to visit a women pregnancy testing centre in Mohali, Chandigarh, or Panchkula. 

Can the Home Pregnancy Test Give False-Negative Results?

It is possible to get false-negative results or wrong results with the home pregnancy tests. These are two cases;

  1. When you are actually pregnant, but the pregnancy test kit gives the wrong result. 
  2. When you are not pregnant, but the pregnancy test kit tells otherwise, this is a typical case of false-negative. 

The results might vary from the original condition because of several factors. These include;

  • When due to an unknown reason, you lose the pregnancy right after the egg is fertilised and is attached to the uterus lining. 
  • Another factor might be that you are taking the pregnancy test too soon. This applies to the case when you take the test after consuming a fertility drug that also contains HCG. 

The one solution to solving all these issues is visiting an advanced pregnancy care clinic in Mohali and getting accurate results. 

Good News! You are Pregnant. What’s the Next Step?

Based on the pregnancy test results, our gynaecologists team will take over and brief the parents about the current condition. We take special care of mothers to make them feel comfortable and at ease. 

We go into the details of the pregnancy and set up scheduled appointments, along with creating a diet chart for the mother. We encourage the mother to do exercises and instruct her on a regular basis. 

best pregnancy testing centres in Chandigarh | At Santokh Hospital, we stay beside the mothers in their time of need and care. We have a 24/7 running hospital and care system. You can visit us at any time or give us a call when you need some suggestions or consultation. 

Santokh Hospital has nurtured the best pregnancy care clinic in Chandigarh, and Mohali. We specialise in women’s health, prenatal care, pregnancy, and post-natal care. Even after delivering your special one, we are here to help you nurture the baby with good health, love, and blessings. 

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