Dermatology and Venereology

The Dermatology department at the Santokh Hospital provides answers and solutions to everyone dealing with skin issues. We have one of the most respected and reputed dermatology departments in the city and ensure effective results with palliative and surgical care procedures.

Working Closely with Patients to Understand their Needs

At the Santokh Hospital, you will be treated by board certified and the best skin doctor in Chandigarh. With the expert doctor, your treatment and care will be handled by a compassionate nursing staff along with a quick-action administrative staff. 

We have expertise in several types of dermatological procedures and treatments, including cosmetic treatment. We also associate with the top dermatologists in Chandigarh to continuously evaluate and upgrade our approaches and methods of providing care to patients. 

At the Santokh Hospital, the best skin doctor in Chandigarh can help you with several skin issues. These include;




Lichen Planus



Fungal Infections

Skin Lesions

Our dermatologists also work with skin cancer specialists and have them on-call to assist our patients. We take a professional and personalized approach while diagnosing and treating every condition. To help the best dermatologist in Chandigarh, we have integrated advanced equipment and machines into the hospital. 

Great care starts with an accurate diagnosis, and to this end, we have built and upgraded our in-house diagnostic lab. 

Connected to the Dermatology department, the Venereology department at the Santokh Hospital takes care of sexually contracted diseases. Our dermatologists, along with specialist venereologists, determine the cause and impact of a sexually transmitted disease and provide adequate care. 

We understand the need of our patients closely and dedicate ourselves to providing effective care and treatment. Working with the best skin doctor in Chandigarh, our venereology expert will recommend a drug-based or surgical treatment involving advanced techniques and therapies. 

The therapies and treatment options at Santokh Hospital Dermatology and Venereology department consist of;

Santokh Hospital doctors and surgeons constantly update themselves with the latest treatment options available in the medical field. We practice modern and advanced medicine to bring the best results possible to our patients.