Day Care Services

Day Care Services

The Santokh Hospital has efficient day care services provisioned to the patients who do not need to stay overnight and can be discharged during the day. The decision to let the patient stay in the day care center is on the consulting doctor who will instruct the day care staff about the same. A team of specialists doctors, nursing and assistive staff is always present at the daycare center to help the patient recover quickly. 

The day care services in hospital ascertain that the patient can manage things at home and that only limited observation is required. There is no hassles of ensuring the admission requirements, taking rooms, and submitting all the details required for admitted patients. 

Our child and adult day care services ensure quick disposal of the required health treatment and services. If any tests are required, the laboratory team will collect the samples from the day care facility and provide you with the reports within the stipulated time. 

We have built a nursing station close to the daycare center to ensure that the patients are always under supervision. The nursing staff will be available on request as well and when required, on-duty doctors will also be called for consultation. 

Once the doctors are satisfied that the patient is fit enough to go home, they are discharged quickly and provided with the required recommendations.