Emergency Medicine

Emergency Medicine

Providing Effective Care When it Matters the Most - Emergency Medicine

You can trust Santokh Hospital to provide quick-action and effective care to assist the patient during a medical emergency. We understand that any sort of health emergency is a time-sensitive situation. Rest assured that we have the best emergency doctor with the experience and expertise to handle challenging circumstances and obtain the best possible results. 

From an advanced operation theatre equipped with life-saving equipment and detailed monitoring systems to the required medicine and in-house oxygen supply, we have the required infrastructure to manage life-threatening situations effectively. 

We have the required emergency management structure for

Emergency Medicine

Trauma injuries

Cervical cancer

Medical injuries

Emergency Medicine

Surgical mishaps

Liver resections

Accident injuries

Heart attack image

Stroke and Heart Attack

Besides in-house emergency doctors and staff, we also have on-call emergency physicians who will be called to assist according to the situation. We have neurosurgeons, cardiac health specialists, orthopedists, gynecologists, and general surgeons on our panel. 

We have contacts with the local blood banks and oxygen tank suppliers, and they will be contacted when required. At Santokh Hospital, we have a dedicated staff for the triage area and deal with medical emergencies. 

There are dedicated patient waiting areas, consultation rooms, and well-trained staff to take care of the administrative tasks in emergency cases. 

BUT… Taking Care of the emergency patient takes precedence against everything else. We will do everything in our power to treat and nurture your loved one with the required medicinal and surgical care.