General Medicine


In essence, our General Medicine department is connected with all the other specialist medicine departments. We provide effective diagnosis, treatment, and care. A team of excellent doctors and nursing staff headed by a senior general medicine doctor provides comprehensive care solutions at the patient’s request. 

When you visit Santokh Hospital with your pains and problems, we are sure to listen and suggest the right course of action. Our doctors will suggest the required diagnostic tests to pinpoint the cause of the problem and then recommend your file to the specialist department.

 We have the best general physician in Chandigarh who has vast experience and expertise in dealing with all kinds of diseases.

We provide effective care

  • Critical Care
  • Managing Chronic Diseases
  • Managing Infectious Diseases
  • Allergy Workup, Testing, and Management
  • Preventive Health

The General Medicine department at the Santokh Hospital provides consultation to kids and adults, covering the entire family. We have the expertise to bring good health to your entire family leading with a disease prevention approach.