Follow These Lifestyle Changes to Lower Blood Pressure Naturally

  • November 14, 2023
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There’s a common phrase we use in our houses whenever the talk is about high BP. People often guide individuals with high BP to take care and not take permanent medicine for high BP. Then comes a long list of suggestions and recommendations to lower blood pressure naturally.

Some common ways to naturally lower blood pressure include losing weight, eating a rich diet of whole grains, fruits, and vegetables, reducing salt intake, limiting alcohol consumption, quitting smoking, and getting proper sleep at night. All these methods and many more may or may not work for everyone. 

Today, we are going to get into the details of the natural methods you can use to lower blood pressure naturally. 

High BP and its Causes


When measuring the BP, if it is more than 140/90 mmHg, then the individual has higher BP. High blood pressure is not good for health and can lead to several complications, especially related to the heart and respiratory system. 

In some cases, high BP can also cause heart attacks, heart failure, and strokes. We have seen cases where high BP has led to kidney issues in patients. So, it’s important to control high blood pressure through medication and/or through natural methods. 

Causes of High Blood Pressure

A number of health and lifestyle factors can lead to high BP. Not addressing these habits or health issues can make high BP a consistent health hazard for the individual. Some common causes leading to high blood pressure include;


  • Obesity or being overweight
  • Consuming too much salt in the diet
  • Smoking and drinking alcohol
  • Taking too much stress in daily life
  • Lack of exercise

These are some of the common causes leading to high BP or hypertension. Now, for the natural ways to lower blood pressure, let’s move to the next section. 

How to Lower Blood Pressure Naturally?

Anyone with high blood pressure is generally able to identify it and start taking remedial actions. However, it’s a condition where those symptoms do not stick for a long time. The symptoms present momentarily, which makes it difficult to diagnose it on time. 

If high BP goes unchecked, it can cause several other health issues, some of which are life-threatening. So, if you regularly have to suffer the consequences of high BP, it is advisable to consult a doctor. In addition to taking the doctor’s opinion, also check the following remedies to lower blood pressure naturally. 

Reduce Salt Intake


Consume less salt in a day, limiting the amount to 6g or a teaspoon. It won’t be easy for someone consuming more than 6 grams of salt every day to limit the amount abruptly. 

However, it can be done over time. Instead of salt, you can add other spices and herbs to the food to compensate for the taste and function of salt. Spices like black pepper, garlic, chilli, etc. can be added to improve the food’s taste. 

When shopping for food items, check the ones with lower salt. These foods already have everything added to compensate for the taste of salt. Even when you take sauces, dips, etc., use the low-salt ones. Replace brine-based fish, vegetable, and pulses packages with tinned packages. 

Exercise, Regularly


Moderate to intense physical exercise every day will help you control your blood pressure to normal levels. Regular exercising can take care of the high BP issue and also keep you fit. 

In exercises, focus on aerobic and resistance exercises as these are more likely to help you manage blood pressure at optimum levels. As you exercise regularly, the heart gets stronger and pumps blood in the body with less effort. As a result, it will put less pressure on the arteries, ultimately lowering the blood pressure. 

The CDC and other health institutions recommend giving 2.5 hours every week for moderate to intense exercise. This means 20 to 30 minutes a day must be allotted for exercising. 

Aged individuals are more prone to high BP, and they may not be at an optimum age to exercise daily. However, for the aged people to control their blood pressure, do the following;

  • Use stairs whenever and wherever you can. 
  • Do as many household chores as you can
  • Indulge in gardening
  • Ride a bicycle or walk
  • Play a sports

These tasks can also stimulate the body enough to keep you healthy and help lower blood pressure naturally. 

Quit Smoking and Limit Drinking


Smoking is the biggest health risk to your heart, and it can raise your blood pressure. Heart attacks and strokes are some of the complications of smoking, and these can be addressed by quitting smoking. 

Not just active smoking but even passive smoking can increase the risk of heart issues and raise blood pressure. Hence, to lower blood pressure, naturally quit smoking. 

Similarly, if you drink, reduce its amount as well. 30 grams of alcohol increases the heart rate for up to 24 hours. You might have heard that red wine is good for the heart, but that’s just hype. There is no study linking the consumption of red wine to heart benefits. 

Build a Proper Sleep Schedule


Watch over your sleep cycle and ensure that improper sleep can also lead to hypertension. If you are having any trouble sleeping, make sure to consult with a doctor and get it sorted. 

To build a proper sleep cycle, create a schedule and stick to it. Fix your time of going to bed and waking up at the same time. Most importantly, try to maintain the schedule on weekends as well. Moreover, maintain a cosy and relaxed sleeping space. You can try indulging in some relaxation exercises or having a bath before sleep. 

Having a proper sleep cycle can help you lower blood pressure naturally. Avoid watching television using your phone or laptop before sleeping. 

Reduce Stress and Tension


Reducing emotional and mental stress is crucial to maintaining lower blood pressure without depending on medicines. You need to find ways to manage stress to live a healthy life. 

Often, we say, “Stress is a silent killer.” Stress can take a big toll on your health; hence, it’s necessary to keep it at bay. One of the ways to reduce stress is by managing your time effectively. Don’t pack too many things into a single hour or day. 

Understand that you cannot control everything in your life. Recognise the areas or things where you have control and work on the solvable problems. Most importantly, know what makes you feel stressed. Find the things that make you happy and can reduce stress. 


High BP has been associated with several health conditions. Failure to keep high BP levels at bay can affect your heart, kidneys, and other vital organs. While you can always take medicine for the same, which is effective, there are ways to lower blood pressure naturally. 

Avoid taking stress and follow a fitness routine along with eating healthy and having proper sleep. Doing these will help you manage your health and maintain blood pressure at optimum levels. For more information on the medicinal treatment and natural ways to lower blood pressure, call Santokh Hospital to schedule an appointment

We can help you build a personalised routine addressing the blood pressure issue and take care of other health aspects that can increase your BP.